Charmed by curiosity Kittie is both ‘funny ha-ha’ and ‘funny peculiar’. Advocating self-expression through authenticity and the avant-garde, she is a successful writer, performer, producer and personal coach with a fitting oeuvre of unusual achievement. She purposefully provokes the raising of eyebrows promoting the beauty of individualism and importance of perspective.

Producing national sell-out award winning shows, performing internationally with her subversive style, writing professionally and as a life-long artists’ muse, she nurtures self-confidence in others through  Purrfit. Considered a key figure in the British burlesque resurgence, she is an advocate of traditional British form and  founder of the inclusive Ministry of Burlesque.

Kittie is an avid ailurophile, opportunistic photographer and natural philosopher. With an academic background in parapsychology and as a collector of antiques and curiosities, she continues to study and love the strange and alternative – in celebration of forgotten pasts, eccentric ideas and paths less known.

“Totally Hilarious”
Ben Elton

“A committed, diligent writer and sparkling storyteller.” 
Karen Gregor,  Producer  BBC R4

“Visionary. Her shows are an elegant masquerade of the past and an homage to taste and irony.”

La Repubblica Delle Donne, Italy

“Absolutely fascinating… possibly one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in my life.”
Katie Martin, BBC Radio Solent

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Clients include: BBC2, BBC4, EMI/Parlophone (Immodesty Blaize), The British Library, Independent News & Media, Quintet Publishing, BBC Radio 4, Dennis Publishing, M1NT  (Cannes Film Festival), ITV, Channel 5, Channel 4, Sony, Vodaphone, 125 Magazine, WITCH, Circomedia, a host of theatres and more…