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Art of Illusion or the Illusion of Art?

I recently watch Ted Talks with artist Shea Hembrey in a series entitled Artistry and Illusion (2011). It was a fascinating presentation on how he became ‘100 artists’. The premise is quite simple,  Hembrey wanted to create a bienneal  of 100 artists’s work – but didn’t have the resources to find them. So, as you might […]

What Is Burlesque?

“Burlesque” is a genre of entertainment that encompasses many varying styles within. It spans the worlds of literature, poetry, dance, comedy and drama – and is both risque and satirical in nature reflecting the taboos and social norms of the time. It is as ancient as it is contemporary. It is evolving every day. The […]

Burlesque Bible: Main Feature Writer

Kittie was delighted to be a feature writer for (and a featured person in) the new Burlesque Bible. Her article is entitled  “Burlesquing the Taboo” and looks at the essence of burlesque as a provocative form – and why burlesquers should embrace the taboo. Order your copy now! Burlesque Bible:  116 page magazine full of […]