PURR = An expression of  healing or happiness.   

FIT = Able, Adapted, Ready.

Admiring the independent nature of cats and their playful renegade ‘cattitude’, the philosophy is simple: “Look. Leap. Live.”   

With Perspective (Look), Self-confidence (Leap) and Self-expression (Live), Purrfit encourages us to take mindful control of our thoughts, actions and goals recognising the importance of being true to our independent selves.  Feline inspired fitness and therapeutic coaching encourages the individual to reconnect with their personal prowess and creative potential – unhindered by external pressures and the limitations of others.


Why Cats?     We humans have  become disconnected from our natural selves, living complicated and exhausting lives of sacrifice and artifice e.g. coping with pressures and ambitions, adhering to social norms and satisfying the wants of others before our own – all whilst trying to fit in to unrealistic moulds of body fascism, sexism and the colliding expectations of others.

Cats  therefore, are an excellent metaphor for our own wellbeing.  Cats cannot be commanded  nor do they ever beg for social acceptance.   Instead, they are independent and self sufficient, giving no hoots about ‘expectations’.  They are natural healers repairing muscle and bone through purring. They ritually groom and maintain their bodies to perfection and understand the importance of stretching and resting. Cats are alluring, affectionate and fascinating; they are wonderful community mothers who share responsibility, they are adoring companions, expert gymnasts,  precision hunters and natural clowns.    They are unapologetic. They honour themselves. They are authentic.

Purrhaps it’s time for an adventure….


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