Performer & Producer

Having devised and produced over 200 shows reaching sell out, national success, 5 stars and critical acclaim including at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Cannes Film Festival and a score of national theatres, Kittie is a successful producer, performer, author and teacher – regarded as both an ‘authority’ ‘and ‘major force’ behind the burlesque renaissance itself.

“Visionary. Her shows are an elegant masquerade of the past and an homage to taste and irony.”
La Repubblica Delle Donne, Italy

Workshops: Learn to perform the art of burlesque – a much misunderstood theatre genre of seduction, gender blending, social parody and role-reversal. Discover if you are in essence a Femme Fatale, a Girlie Girl, a Wanton Woman, Drag King – or someone else in her entirity… Explore your individual strength, beauty and wit through upbeat character performance fun.

Purrformer: The “Doyenne of Feline Feminity” (The List), Kittie is celebrated for her invigorating performance style – a fusion of quirky historical glamour, playful satire and feline mischief. A dainty figure of derring-do, she has earned enthusiastic praise from many showbiz luminaries.

“Totally Hilarious”
Ben Elton

Upholding the sentiments of traditional British burlesquetheatre* (rather like satirical pantomime) Kittie awakens with vital spark, this almost forgotten tradition. A comedienne with prowess and ‘educated chic’, she offers an original repertoire where each act is a send up of female archetypes, gender stereotypes and social ideals. Elegantly eccentric, she is a sought-after international headliner and genre originator with over a decade (approx 500 shows!) of expertise.


kittyLOL Cats – A burlesque of ”catwoman”.
Would a woman with the psyche of a cat really be such an alluring creature to fear and behold? Anyone who has spent time with cats will know how socially awkward and intensely unsexy such a hybrid would actually be. Kittie sends up the ridiculous fantasy with puppet-fuelled, bin-based fowl-play.

kittie-klaw-lola-montez-thumbLola Montez – Spanish Chancer
A burlesque of a blag-artiste supreme.
An homage to the infamous ‘spider dance’ rumoured to have been performed by Lola Montez, the Victorian Spanish dancer of dubious repute (she was neither Spanish nor a dancer). A most notorious self-promoter, she was the inspiration for the phrase “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets”.

spiritSeance and Sensibility
A burlesque of Victorian Spiritualism.
Inspired by the enterprising ingenue Florence Cook, a 19th century Spiritualist medium who enthralled her audiences by ‘manifesting’ as ghostly pirate wench ‘Katie King’. See the mysterious cloaked figure glides like a ghost (secretly on roller boots), disappears in to the spirit cabinet – only for someone else entirely to come out of the closet…

victorianb1The Solitary Vice
A burlesque of our notion of Victorian female prudery.
An unmarried young lady engages in that most ill-advised and perilous activity – reading alone. Unsupervised by any suitable male, this is a dangerous liaison between one woman and a liberated library book that proves to be a chair-rocking best seller.

egyptianc1The Beauty Ritual
A burlesque of feminine grooming.
Kittie questions the old adage ‘pain is beauty’. Here our Ancient temple devotee addresses the goddess of beauty and sends up a well known ritual which challenges the notion that our modern ‘cult of hair removal’ is in any way, an elegant practice of ‘goddess worship’.

britanniab1Rude Britannia
A burlesque of Britannia herself.
What is Britain’s proud image worth today? Red, White and Thoroughly Blue? Has our Britannia been reduced to the fodder of Tabloid titillation – or is she still an Imperialist ideal? See the once proud, Commander of the Seas and Conqueror of Nations painfully vie for attention on the ‘world’ stage…

“Breaking New Ground” 
Time Out

“Be ready for high camp comedy, risqué song and Victorian villainy in a night out without a single entendre in sight.”
The List

“Swirling tassels and a whiff of fleeting flesh performing in a space that is part tart’s boudoir and part Oscar Wilde’s living-room with a drunken nod to exoticism and kitsch, this heady concoction is part of an evening of ‘varietease’.”
Scotland on Sunday

“A wonderful show. I loved it”
Ben Elton

“Eccentric, edgy and sensationally witty”
Portsmouth News