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Ориенталь: Magazine Feature

“The Star of British Burlesque” Kittie lent her knowledge to Ориенталь (Oriental) magazine as they provide a history of burlesque and the story of Ministry of Burlesque to the prestigious Russian dance world. The piece features images of Kittie in action by Tas Kyprianou and an article by Nadia Gativa. You can visit the magazine […]

BBC Radio 4: ‘Alter Egos’ Guest

Kittie co-writes and presents for the 2nd episode of ‘My Alter Ego’ on BBC Radio 4. ‘My Alter Ego’ is a brand new five part series where leaders in a particular field, discuss what life would have been like had they been on a similar life-voyage in another era. In the second episode, Kittie talks […]

British Burlesque: Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar?

or, Tickle My Fancy !  –  A Guide To Classical or ‘Traditional British’ Burlesque Amidst the renaissance of the showgirl-striptease, the art of traditional (known as ‘classical’) burlesquing is in danger of becoming totally removed from it’s own genre. This article is an attempt to draw attention away (just for a moment) from the fleeting […]

New Production – ‘Victorian Vaues’ debuts

For some time Kittie has been writing a full length burlesque show akin to the older British tradition where satire is the focus rather than any kind of striptease. Last week, at London’s historic Hoxton Hall, we saw the debut of some of this new work.The good folks of Time Out tipped the show and […]