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Burlesque in Briefs: A History of Burlesque

An historical overview of the development of Burlesque. This essay is an attempt to provide a brief overview of the main names and events in the history of this misunderstood craft, as it changed from Ancient Athens to modern day… I will be updating it as I uncover more information. There are so many heroes, […]

Performer Directory: Names & Identities

At last – an on going project is launched to compile the names and identities of all of today’s burlesque performers. From the Ministry of Burlesque, the Speakeasy provide the community, scenes and industry a place to research stage names, register their own identity and feel informed without stepping on anyone’s sparkly toes… it’s totally […]

FAQ You – A Guide for Modern Burlesquers

Based on the years of answering popular questions as the Ministry of Burlesque matriarch, Kittie has compiled carefully considered retorts to those tricky and frequently asked questions of modern burlesque, new performers and the ever curious press. FAQ such as: What is Burlesque? Really? Where can I find out about the history of Burlesque? Where […]

British Burlesque: Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar?

or, Tickle My Fancy !  –  A Guide To Classical or ‘Traditional British’ Burlesque Amidst the renaissance of the showgirl-striptease, the art of traditional (known as ‘classical’) burlesquing is in danger of becoming totally removed from it’s own genre. This article is an attempt to draw attention away (just for a moment) from the fleeting […]

Diamonds From the Rough

or ‘Tinted, Tainted & Tarnished – A Portrait Of  ‘Golden Era’ Burlesque Since their emergence in the early 20th century, American burlesque shows have specifically promoted adult-oriented entertainment. In many respects, the early promoters even pioneered the genres within the striptease and burlesque-striptease (as a hybrid comic form). To Americans, such shows would become known […]