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Burlesque in Briefs: A History of Burlesque

An historical overview of the development of Burlesque. This essay is an attempt to provide a brief overview of the main names and events in the history of this misunderstood craft, as it changed from Ancient Athens to modern day… I will be updating it as I uncover more information. There are so many heroes, […]

High Tease – Croydon, 3rd June

Ministry of Burlesque presents… High Tease The High Tease Revue Featuring scenes from Victorian Values is an uproarious medley of bawdy burlesque, musical comedy and razor wit. A celebration of the traditional Variety and Music Hall style show, delivered with 21st century sass, glamour and sophistication. High Tease takes Brit Wit in to the modern […]

FAQ You – A Guide for Modern Burlesquers

Based on the years of answering popular questions as the Ministry of Burlesque matriarch, Kittie has compiled carefully considered retorts to those tricky and frequently asked questions of modern burlesque, new performers and the ever curious press. FAQ such as: What is Burlesque? Really? Where can I find out about the history of Burlesque? Where […]

Britannia Panopticon Trust – Glasgow, 29th March

It is with pleasure that we  announce that this this month (29th March) Kittie will be appearing in aid of the Britannia Panopticon Trust, in the guise of her infamous Red, White & Thoroughly Blue ‘Britannia’. The Britannia Panopticon is the UK’s oldest surviving Victorian Music Hall and it is fully intact! The restoration projects […]

BBC Radio 4: ‘Alter Egos’ Guest

Kittie co-writes and presents for the 2nd episode of ‘My Alter Ego’ on BBC Radio 4. ‘My Alter Ego’ is a brand new five part series where leaders in a particular field, discuss what life would have been like had they been on a similar life-voyage in another era. In the second episode, Kittie talks […]